‘Girls Planet 999’ debut episode teaser already has people pissed off, Mnet is undefeated

Mnet‘s shameless reboot of Produce 101 new survival show Girls Planet 999 has already released the introductory videos of the contestants, which were covered so gloriously at Asian Junkie recently. Now why after the rigging scandal that sent multiple people to jail for years did Mnet feel they could return with it covered by a new skin? Well, because the formula probably still works.

This was proved by the teaser for the debut episode, which has already started glorious mess with Chinese contestant Fu Ya Nina seemingly insulting CLC‘s Yujin right off the bat.

The general reaction is people melting down at this over the disrespect and the audacity and the temerity, which of course is what Mnet wants. Either they evil edited the hell out of this and it definitely still works on people, or this will be as much of a quasi-nationalistic mess with amazing characterization as could be expected and it’ll serve its purpose that way. Regardless, Mnet win because, as people constantly show (including us), it works.


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