LIGHTSUM’s Han Chowon wants to make sure you know she finished 6th on ‘PD48’, not 13th

LIGHTSUM member Han Chowon recently made an appearance on a YouTube channel to watch and review the infamous Produce 48 performance of BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” that actually skyrocketed most of the group to relevance.

Anyway, Chowon was not one of the notably terrible ones, but she was a part of the group, and she reacted to one comment in particular.

Thanks to ‘Hellbayah’ Kang Hyewon moved up to debut rank, Han Cho Won moved up from 80th to 13th place, Erii appeared on Korean variety shows and gained attention, Minami became an official member of AKB and gained many Korean fans, and overall all of them turned out well.

She wanted everybody to know that, actually, she was screwed out of 6th.

Please fix this comment. I moved up to 6th place, not 13th place. Please fix this, ok? This is important to me.

Ah, this is refreshing to see. I had been waiting for the members who got screwed to come out with some deserved salt about how it went down, and even this brief look into that was nice to see.

Hope the compensation was decent.


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