Sorn starts her YouTube channel ‘Produsorn’ over again for reasons (those reasons are CUBE)

Fans have been concerned recently about CLC in general but also about Sorn’s YouTube channel Produsorn, which has amassed quite a following over the past two and a half years. Why? Because recently all of her videos got deleted from the channel without explanation.

Well, Sorn recently released a new video explaining that her channel will be back and giving a non-explanation about the old videos being gone forever that essentially explains that Cube Entertainment likely claimed it was their property since it was done while she was under contract with them or something like that, despite the fact that she did all the work herself. I’ve seen this happen to YouTubers with contracts with production companies or networks over the years, so it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if that was the legal situation.

Regardless, she’s back now at least.


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Thot Leaderâ„¢