Yoochun accused of violating contract with agency, who claim they had to pay his ~$85k ‘adult entertainment’ bill

Yoochun, who only recently paid his alleged” sexual assault victim the money she was owed, is now in a financial conflict with his agency Re:Cielo. Yoochun claimed he did this because he was barely paid by his agency and embezzled money, while Re:Cielo is claiming he signed with another agency in Japan out of his own self interest and notably claim he spent five figures at hostess bars and what not.

Hello. This is Re:Cielo. Re:Cielo signed an exclusive contract with Park Yoochun on January 1, 2020. Re:Cielo is an agency created by the manager who worked with Park Yoochun from they time he began promoting with JYJ after TVXQ’s disbandment [sic]. He created the management company to help Park Yoochun return to the industry and has been working as the agency’s CEO. At the time of Re:Cielo’s establishment, there were difficulties registering shareholders due to the company’s liabilities, so on the surface, he registered his mother as the largest shareholder. For that reason, Re:Cielo’s largest shareholder is currently Park Yoochun’s mother, but she has never been involved in the actual management of the company. Because Re:Cielo was not making any profit at the time the exclusive contract with Park Yoochun was signed, the company’s CEO even got personal loans and did his best to run the company. By the end of 2020, the company was exceeding annual sales of 1 billion won (approximately $855,430). However, approximately one month ago, we heard that Park Yoochun had violated the contract with Re:Cielo and signed a second contract with a Japanese agency. As this is a clear breach of contract, we appointed Lee Eun Ui’s Law Office as our legal representative and prepared to take legal action. In the midst of that, on August 14, 2021, we found that there had been a news report in Japan where Park Yoochun stated that Re:Cielo’s CEO had embezzled funds and that Park Yoochun had terminated his exclusive contract with Re:Cielo. Then on August 16, 2021, it was reported that Park Yoochun was pushing ahead with a fan meeting in Japan. Park Yoochun’s claims about Re:Cielo that were reported in Japan are absolutely false and causing serious damage to the reputation of Re:Cielo and Re:Cielo’s CEO. Until now, Re:Cielo has not taken issue with Park Yoochun using the company card to cover his personal entertainment costs and living expenses, and we have stood by his side by helping him solve his personal debt issues that amounted to over 2 billion won (approximately $1,710,860). Even so, Park Yoochun gave the company card to his girlfriend at the time whom he was living with for her to buy luxury bags, and in another occasion, he used tens of millions of won (tens of thousands of dollars) from company funds for gaming. Also, Park Yoochun went to an adult entertainment establishment and owed them 100 million won (approximately $85,510) because he did not pay, and as the related parties tormented him for a long time, the company paid the money for him. Because Re:Cielo provided active and unsparing support and funds for Park Yoochun’s return, he was able to resume activities such as releasing albums, holding overseas concerts, starring in movies, and more. And Re:Cielo has solved Park Yoochun’s many issues with him and paid him normally for the profit gained through his activities. In addition to suffering damage due to Park Yoochun’s violation of the exclusive contract, Re:Cielo is experiencing serious disappointment from a personal sense of betrayal, and now that we have received further damage in the form of defamation, we cannot help but release an official statement. That is why we are sending out this press release.

They are now preparing a civil damages lawsuit, according to Re:Cielo’s lawyer, who is the rep for the alleged sexual assault victim who won damages against him.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to drum up much sympathy for an agency who signed this guy in 2020, so I don’t care who wins this shit. But just the fact that it looks like both are losing out in this mess is probably the best possible outcome. The only thing I feel shitty about is that this guy has unsurprisingly not changed at all and instead of paying his victim he was blowing it on his shit behaviors that got him into this situation to begin with.


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