Yoochun banned from activities in entertainment industry after ruling in case over contract dispute

Yoochun has recently been banned (at least for now) from appearing on television and doing activities in the entertainment industry, though it’s not for what you probably think.

Sure, he has been ordered to pay damages to an alleged victim in his rape case and comically got caught using drugs, but of course it was fucking around with contracts that led to this.

On November 10, the Seoul Central District Court granted an injunction submitted by Yesperar for a suspension of Park Yoochun’s broadcasting and entertainment activities. The court stated, “Until the final judgment is made for the case, Park Yoochun may not produce albums or videos, appear in advertisements or commercials, engage in character business, make broadcast appearances, or carry out entertainment activities for a third party other than Yesperar.”

The exact case this is over is where it gets messy, as it’s basically him being sued by an agency over claims he violated his contract with them by doing stuff like allegedly dropping ~$85k on adult entertainment. The Re:Cielo company made that claim, which he denied, but it seems like courts have sided against him.

Yesperar is an agency that was delegated the exclusive management authority of Park Yoochun by Re:Cielo with the celebrity’s permission. Re:Cielo is an agency established by the manager who worked with Park Yoochun for a long time, and Park Yoochun had signed with Re:Cielo in January 2020. Re:Cielo claims that Park Yoochun has violated their exclusive contract for signing with a Japanese agency while their contract remains valid, and Park Yoochun states that he has terminated his exclusive contract with the agency for reasons including alleged civil and criminal cases regarding Re:Cielo’s CEO.

Like I said before, I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

Effectively, it’s Yoochun against a company that signed him in 2020 after all the shit came out about him, so they both suck. It is telling, though, that fucking around with company money is what’s gonna get him blacklisted for at least a bit.


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