Songs You May Have Missed: September 2021 (Hot Issue, WJSN, CL, Fromis 9, NELL, ASTRO, ICHILLIN’)

September was a weird month, right? Some really great stuff, and some other stuff that … didn’t wow me, even if I tend to stay away from discussing things I explicitly don’t like.

I don’t have a lot else to say, so let’s go!


Fromis 9 – “Talk & Talk”

Fun, sparkly, and everything I love from Fromis 9. 

Kyuhyun – “On A Starry Night”

Kyuhyun has a beautiful voice, for sure, but I really wish he’d try out some different styles one of these days — ballads aren’t the only way to show off that you have skills, you know?

Hot Issue – “Hot Candy” 

Congrats to Hot Issue for having my favourite song on this playlist — they continue to impress me, and I really hope they get some more recognition soon.

WJSN – “Let Me In”

And let’s follow up my favourite track with my second favourite track on the playlist. This track wouldn’t have been out of place in summer, so it seems a little weird to me that it was released on the tail end of it, but what the hell do I know?

Heo Young Saeng – “Mi Casa Su Casa”

It absolutely wouldn’t work, but if someone could remix this with 2PM’s “My House” for some kind of homeowner mash-up, that’d be rad.

NELL – “Beautiful Jeopardy”

Nell are back again with their trademark style, and really I recommend the whole album for anyone who wants a gentle, emotional listen. 

Astro – “Alive”

Now, I know that Cha Eun Woo is a super famous idol and everything, but the rest of Astro are talented boys and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want them to have more fans. 

I.M – “Loop”

It has been a trend for members of groups I love very much to kind of … underwhelm me with their solo efforts. Thankfully, that can’t be said for what I.M has been doing, but I do think he has a way to go before he reaches his full potential as a soloist.

Loona (Heejin, Kim Lip, Yves, Jinsoul) – “Not Friends”

A nice track, even if it’s not the best Ryan Jhun has ever come out with. No complaints as to how the girls sound though, of course.

Sungmin – “Goodnight, Summer”

Sungmin being booted out of Super Junior was such a mistake; his vocals were strong with a nice edge of sweetness, and he really rounded out the sound for the rest of the group. Can he come back? (I know he can’t, just let me dream.)

ICHILLIN’ – “Got’Ya”

This track is really fun and I like it a lot — a really good rookie debut!

Woosung – “Dimples”

I think this track would have worked out better if the dark vibes at the beginning had been carried all the way through, and if the mixing on the vocals wasn’t super weird. I like the chorus, and I like a lot of elements of it, but the overall experience is not equal to the sum of its parts, in this case.

Dowoon Feat. Song Heejin – “Out Of The Blue”

I’m a sucker for songs that are playful and sweet, and this track is like a textbook example of that. Good job, you two.

CL – “Lover Like Me”

I love this sound from her, and I want much, much, much much much more of it.


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any songs you think others might have missed during September, and I’ll see you soon for October.

As always, happy listening.

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