Cube terminates contract of former (G)I-DLE member Soojin after court rules bullying accusers not guilty

While we got a hint of how things were likely proceeding back in August of last year when Soojin left (G)I-DLE amidst bullying allegations, Cube Entertainment released a statement today saying that they have terminated her contract after her accusers were found not guilty.

“This is Cube Entertainment. We would like to inform you that our exclusive contract with artist Seo Soojin will be terminated. Regarding the controversy that arose in February 2021, the company and Soojin worked with the police to investigate the case, and the investigation determined that the individuals who made the comments were found not guilty of spreading false information. We respect the results of the police investigation, and we apologize for causing concern to many people. Thank you.”

Well, I guess it’s official then. The decision by Cube and Soojin to release a personal statement that demanded actress Seo Shin Ae clear up her vague posts that resulted in her coming forward about being bullied by Soojin is an all-time self-inflicted wound. Good lord.

Important to note, of course, that Seo Shin Ae was far from Soojin’s only accuser, so this decision is about more than just her even if she certainly gave the allegations a ton of credibility.

Coming out so strong essentially backfired in the worst way possible.


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