AleXa represents Oklahoma on NBC’s ‘American Song Contest’ with new song “Wonderland”

K-pop soloist AleXa recently represented her home state of Oklahoma on NBC‘s American Song Contest, which is apparently supposed to be Eurovision Song Contest imported.

After Produce 48, she debuted in late 2019 and has made consistent comebacks since then. Along with her K-pop background she also brought new song “Wonderland” to the program and debuted it on the show with impressive choreo.

While she hasn’t been featured around these parts often, it’s just that her releases haven’t been my thing, so it’s nothing personal. Quite the opposite, actually, as she’s a rare Asian-American in K-pop who is vocal about some social issues and has yet to do anything annoying/embarrassing, and she seems cool overall. For that reason, I’ll say be sure to vote for her if you like, as I do think she stood out among the field.


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