Weeekly remake Brown Eyed Girls’ “Love”, while Fromis 9 take on IU & FIESTAR’s “Sea Of Moonlight”

There seem to be ongoing remake projects right now, so perhaps we’ll see more stuff like this going forward, but there have been a pair of notable remakes lately.

Weeekly recently remade Brown Eyed Girls‘ 2008 hit “Love” for the ‘Kim Eana Project‘, where the famed songwriter is working with current gen artists to remake her past hits.

Hard to live up to Brown Eyed Girls, but they did a decent version of it that’s more chill and less bordering on frantic, I think.

Additionally, Fromis 9 remade “Sea Of Moonlight“, the 2012 collab single between IU and FIESTAR, which was also lowkey an a-ha‘s “Take On Me remake. Fromis 9 did it as part of the ‘Re:born Project‘.

The remake is inferior specifically because they took out what is effectively a “Take On Me” synth sample, but also I appreciate that they tried to re-shape the song without it. Obviously, the original also has IU, but it’s nice to reflect on what an underrated group FIESTAR was.


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