ONEUS to continue as 5 as RBW continues to investigate allegations against Ravn

Following the allegations of rape, cheating, and gaslighting from the alleged ex-girlfriend of Ravn, ONEUS will continue to promote as five, according to a statement released by RBW.

We express our sincere gratitude to fans who are sending lots of love and support to group ONEUS, and we would like to inform you regarding the matter of Ravn’s private life, which recently circulated through social media. The agency is thoroughly checking the authenticity of the relevant case, and we will halt all of Ravn’s scheduled activities until the truth is confirmed. Accordingly, ONEUS will continue as a five-membered group for all scheduled activities going forward. In the case that the agency checks that the circulator’s claims are found to be groundless falsehoods, we inform you that we will be responding strongly through our law firm. Furthermore, we also confirmed that the concerned post is completely irrelevant to the other ONEUS members. We deeply apologize once more to fans who must have been surprised by this sudden news, and we will do our best to confirm the truth more carefully.

So primarily an update for fans to let them know ONEUS will be five for the time being.

Though I did find it a bit odd that they mention legal action before their investigation is even complete. It didn’t seem material to the rest of the statement and reads as a threat to the accuser not to say anything further.


Also perhaps worthy of note is that labelmate and long-time music collaborator CyA of ONEWE seemingly cut ties with Ravn, at least publicly, after the allegations emerged. Could be nothing or it could be an indication that he believes her and/or has heard similar about Ravn.


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