Chanhyuk (AKMU) fulfills my darkest desires with his solo debut performance of “Panorama” (and interview)

AKMU‘s Chanhyuk continues to fill in the gap within Korean entertainment of a weird-ass dude doing weird-ass stunts. While I was disappointed that he actually had a legit music video concept, I understood he had something he wanted to express on his album. However, I was foolish to doubt his antics would end there and am overjoyed to report that Chanhyuk basically did exactly what I wanted on M! Countdown for his first live performance: he just stood still with his back turned to the audience and cameras, so basically what he does on YouTube except with singing.

Just as good was his performance before the stage, where in his debut interview with MCs (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon and Nam Yoon Soo he just stood there and didn’t say a word as they talked to him. Over two gloriously painful minutes.

I know some people out there are gonna whine about it with their favorite “edgy” insult or whatever, but in a K-pop world that is more and more sanitized and micromanaged by the day, it is actually refreshing that somebody is fucking with people in a fun way.

Thank you, King.


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