Songs You May Have Missed: August 2022 (KISSXS, CHEEZE, Khundi Panda, YOUHA, LUCY, Silica Gel, COOING, Itzel, more)

Hello, playlist darlings. It is I, local playlist gremlin, once again.

Would you like some songs you may have missed? Let’s go!


Itzel – “NEW BIRTH”

Rati – “The Same”


Kursor – “What’s Your Color?”


HO-CHAN – “Goodnight”

Milena – “Sugardance”

CHEEZE (Feat. 10cm) – “Room For You”

Two of my absolute faves together!


JUNNY – “Mercury”

Jiwoo – “Evergray”

LUCY (Feat. D-Hack) – “Domino”


Woo Won Jae & meenoi – “Ghosting”

Khundi Panda – “HANDYCAP”

STEFANO & RUTA (Feat. Yuyeon) – “NYX”

YOUHA – “Satellite”

Silica Gel – “NO PAIN”

PLAY:MOON (Feat. Purpleoranjuice) – “Hwi-Ah”

SNMT (Feat. Loco & Mirani) – “Dream To Dream”


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any tracks you loved during August, and happy listening!

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