EXID, queens of Dingo Music’s Tipsy Live, return to it with medley of “FIRE”, acoustic “IDK”, “Up & Down”, and a deranged encore

Like I said about their Killing Voice, veteran groups sticking around is great because they can provide a treasure trove of content that most newer groups won’t or can’t do, like EXID returning again to Dingo Music‘s Tipsy Live feature to reclaim their throne.

At one point the group were surprised to learn that their previous Tipsy Live was #1 among girl groups, and this time around they did “FIRE“, “IDK (Acoustic Version)“, “Up & Down“, and then “FIRE (Deranged Drunk Encore Version)“. Things got increasingly messy, as you’d expect.

IU watching Hyelin do her thing, an omnipresent deity of alcohol.

Of course, in case you’ve forgotten, the first time they went on this was to perform “HOT PINK“, and it’s no surprise it was popular.

Also, back when they were just four they went and did “Night Rather Than Day“, which was deleted off the official channel for some dumbass reason.

The more groups that go on this, and the drunker they are, the better as far as I’m concerned.


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