Rundown: ITZY, Wonho, N.Flying, JeA (Brown Eyed Girls), WEi, ABLE

Most of the stuff this week was varying degrees of solid, but there are indications in the releases that we’re approaching the season where everybody feels obligated to get Very Serious™ (even more than usual for this generation of K-pop) for the arts or whatever.


Wonho – “Don’t Regret”

Honestly? Much better than I expected when I found out it wasn’t a dance track. Has that anthemic feel, though ultimately not something I would seek out.


N.Flying – “I Like You”

Those headpieces reminded me of Midsommar, but the song isn’t going to start any cult.

I’ve always liked N.Flying back, and perhaps that’s why I know they can do so much more than this pleasant-enough pop-rock track.


WEi – “Spray”

As a generic kind of boy group dance track meant to get you hyped, it’s quite solid. I suppose the problem is that’s all it is, but I wouldn’t have to switch the track if it came on.


ITZY – “Boys Like You”

I realize I’m not the target demo for these sterile, Disney-fied attempts at radio play in America, but this just drones on for the most part.


JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) – “Orange Drive”

Actually not a bad addition to a playlist for unwinding purposes.


ABLE – “Feeling”

Making me think what Cain did was totally fine.

Okay, that’s harsh, but I couldn’t not make a pun one way or the other.


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