RBW announces Ravn will leave ONEUS “voluntarily”, but claim allegations had “false information” & “malicious editing”

Following allegations of rape, cheating, and gaslighting against ONEUS member Ravn, RBW replied that they would be investigating the incident. Well now that investigation has apparently concluded, with RBW saying in a statement that Ravn will be leaving ONEUS “voluntarily” and that the group will continue as five.

We express sincere gratitude to the fans who cherish the group ONEUS, and we inform you of Ravn’s departure from ONEUS with heavy hearts.
Regarding this issue, Ravn expressed his intent to voluntarily leave the group in concern of the harm that is being caused to the ONEUS members and fans. After careful discussion with Ravn and the ONEUS members, we decided to respect his opinion to voluntarily leave the group. As a result, we inform you that Ravn has left ONEUS as of today.
ONEUS will continue activities with five members from now on.

As far as the investigation into the allegations go, RBW claims that they discovered “false information” and “malicious editing” in the posts and will file a lawsuit against the accuser as well as netizens.

Regardless of Ravn’s departure, while checking the facts of the case, we discovered false information and malicious editing included in the posts circulating regarding Ravn, and we will unveil the accurate truths on this through a lawsuit. In addition, there will be firm legal action taken regarding comments with malicious personal attacks against the agency and artists. Regardless of the validity of the circulated posts, we feel responsibility for our inadequacy in artist management.

While going this route with a lawsuit and not explaining things further might be for legal reasons, it’s going to do absolutely nothing for Ravn’s image or reputation if they’re not going to actually release their findings and explain what exactly is “false” about the allegations. Thus we’re left to speculate on what went down behind the scenes, with the only tangible conclusion at the moment being Ravn exiting the group.

Given that companies are generally loath to boot members that they’ve invested so much into over the years — and that if the accuser had indeed obviously fabricated evidence to the point where it’d be publicly digestible then it could easily save his place — it’s hard not to conclude that while some parts of the allegations may be in dispute, there was still likely enough image and reputational damaging truth there that it made Ravn continuing untenable. While it could possibly be something harmless like an idol being in a long-term relationship, when one has rape and abuse allegations hovering over them, people will understandably gravitate towards thinking it’s about those when essentially they’re not willing to make their rebuttal public.


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