Bassagong’s molka case sent to prosecution + details on victim being outed & the involvement of Legit Goons & Lee Ha Neul

Back in May, Don Mills’ wife Kim Sol brought forth allegations (supposedly on behalf of a friend) against rapper Bassagong that he had illegally filmed and spread molka, for which he apologized and turned himself in to the police. It was later revealed that Kim Sol was a victim herself and was only saying it was on behalf of a friend because she was scared to come forward.

In an update on that story, Bassagong’s case has now been forwarded to the prosecution, charged with essentially the molka.

According to a legal official, the Mapo Police Station recently sent the case of rapper Bassagong’s charges of violating the Special Act on Sexual Violence Crimes (includes photographing and distributing illegally filmed footage using cameras, etc) over to the Western District Prosecutors’ Office last month. Previously, ‘A’ accused Bassagong of illegally filming her while they had dated in the past. ‘A’ claimed that Bassagong had taken off her shirt without her consent while she was asleep, filmed her, and distributed the video in a Kakao Talk group chat with around 20 acquaintances.

Just an update on the progress of the case and nothing major to report there yet.


That said, I wanted to cover this because while looking into it I learned that there had been an update back in the middle of July that I apparently missed, and it makes both Bassagong and Legit Goons look significantly worse than before.

Kim Sol and Don Mills did an interview with SBS and they provided receipts for everything they said. The whole thing is worth reading (translated here), but essentially the Legit Goons chat had mocked and disparaged Kim Sol while reacting to Bassagong’s molka, calling her variations of a prostitute and joking about him livestreaming her while she was sleeping.

The most important detail was that Kim Sol didn’t simply come forward as a victim as I had originally thought, rather she was targeted by the label and then outed as the victim by the alleged girlfriend of DJ DOC‘s Lee Ha Neul.

After Bassagong’s unexpected action, ‘A’ was the target of extreme hate comments. Bassagong’s music label had alleged that “Bassagong had already apologised 4 or 5 times, and has made an agreement,” and even gave pressure saying that “we also have a playing card (to ‘A’s disadvantage) in our possession”. Worse still, a German woman who is a friend of the CEO of Bassagong’s music label had exposed ‘A’s identity on her social media. She also criticised ‘A’ by writing, “I totally understand that you couldn’t reveal the fact that the victim is yourself, due to the double standards you’re placing on the problematic photo of yourself.”

Kim Sol provided medical records of suffering PTSD, depression, and being addicted to sleeping pills as a result of all this, as well as her attempts on her own life. Don Mills expressed how he was afraid to leave her alone afterward and the impact all this was having on them.

Then Kim Sol explained that things got worse after the insincere apologies of Bassagong and Legit Goons, and she explains that they were actually threatening her and that the statements she was making at the time had to be approved by them.

Aside from Bassagong and Lee Ha Neul, she didn’t mention anybody involved, but aside from her husband she did single out Nucksal, Code Kunst, and Deepflow as people who helped her during this period.


Obviously this changes things and makes not only Bassagong culpable but also Lee Ha Neul and those with Legit Goons who were in the chatroom as well. Everything she says about her statements being coerced is backed up by the chatroom log, as the previous explanation was that nobody paid the molka any attention, but it’s clear now that was not the case. Furthermore, her being outed as the victim was posted in public, and claims of being threatened are believable because Lee Ha Neul was making vague threats on Instagram Live publicly much less whatever could’ve gone on privately.


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