LOONA’s Chuu reportedly sets up her own agency, Blockberry denies … sorta

The question of what exactly is happening with Chuu in regards to activities with LOONA and her contract with Blockberry Creative has been an ongoing saga for a while now, but the latest is a report claiming that Chuu has setup her own agency to run her personal schedules.

On October 28, OSEN reported that Chuu has set up her own company Chuu Co., Ltd. with Chuu’s mother reported to be the company’s director. The purpose of establishment was reportedly recorded to be “broadcast programs and album production,” “entertainment management,” “record production,” “various sound production and distribution,” “concert planning business,” and “publishing, editing, distribution, public relations, periodical publications, and agency business.”

However, Blockberry replied by denying the transfer of her contract somewhere else, but are apparently checking on whether she setup her own agency.

In response to the report, a representative of LOONA’s agency BlockBerry Creative shared, “We were not aware of this. We are checking the facts,” and also stated, “The rumors of her transfer are groundless.”

It was already a confusing co-existence, but this just adds another wrinkle into a complicated arrangement that seems to have all the stability of an end-game jenga tower.


The company registration is real at least.


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