Blockberry reportedly petitioned CEMA & KEPA to block Chuu’s entertainment activities, plan similar action against 4 LOONA members

It’s been a couple weeks or so since Blockberry Creative did anything shitty (at least in the news), so it’s appropriate that they still haven’t taken the L on the Chuu contract case, reportedly filing complaints to CEMA (Korea Entertainment Management Association) and KEPA (Korea Entertainment Producers Association) in December of last year in an attempt to prevent Chuu from continuing entertainment work.

In their request, BlockBerryCreative reportedly claimed that the actions that Chuu took to sign a new contract with BY4M STUDIO in 2021 is “tampering” (the act of making pre-contact prior to the expiration of the contract period) which is a violation of management contract.
In response, the Reward and Punishment Committee of the Korea Entertainment Management Association requested Chuu’s attendance, and Chuu’s legal representative reportedly expressed their intent on February 1 to attend the committee. The representative explained that the Reward and Punishment Committee requested Chuu’s attendance to confirm the facts regarding BlockBerryCreative’s claims and that they will investigate the case fairly.

CEMA later confirms that the petition was filed, and Blockberry confirmed it as well, going on to say they would take action against former LOONA members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry as well.

Following the reports, a source from BlockBerryCreative confirmed that they had submitted a petition against Chuu and that they will also submit a petition against HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry.

Given that we have no idea what the contracts look like, it’s hard to know exactly what the facts are in this case. Regardless, morally speaking, blacklisting an artist whose contract has already been ruled irrational by the courts because she maybe wanted to move on as quickly as possible from that situation is horrible. It’s reminiscent of what Big 3 companies used to do generations ago, though this time Blockberry wants to do it officially, presumably because they lack the power otherwise.

At the core of this, it’s hard to believe anything Blockberry says. After all, they tried to victimize themselves through staff and that backfired, they tried the same through using the other LOONA members and that backfired even worse, and they were also objectively exposed for having straight up lied about other members not filing for injunctions like Chuu.

Meanwhile, the only two members who did not file suit against Blockberry (Hyunjin and Vivi) recently hopped on Instagram Live with Chuu to have a grand old time. Needless to say, Blockberry’s credibility in these matters is simply in the sewer.


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