WJSN’s Yeorum, PURPLE KISS’s Yuki, Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon, Chaerin, Bora to reportedly join ‘Queendom Puzzle’

Following a flurry of reports on the lineup of Queendom Puzzle, Mnet‘s upcoming survival show, there were some confirmations that gave us a clearer picture of where things stood.

Now further reports have confirmed more of the cast, like WJSN member and Queendom 2 winner Yeoreum, or PURPLE KISS member Yuki, or Cherry Bullet members Jiwon, Chaerin, and Bora.


Lee Chaeyeon (Soloist/Ex-IZ*ONE)

Yeeun (CLC)

Haein (LABOUM)


Kei (ex-Lovelyz)

Shiroma Miru (ex-NMB48)

Riina (H1-KEY)

Hwiseo (H1-KEY)

Unnamed Members (Weeekly)


Yabuki Nako (ex-HKT48/ex-IZ*ONE)

Honda Hitomi (AKB48/ex-IZ*ONE)


Yeoreum (WJSN)


Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)

Chaerin (Cherry Bullet)

Bora (Cherry Bullet)


Wouldn’t say there are necessarily any huge shocks yet, but even just from the names listed so far, I could already see a pretty solid All-Star type of thing from the second-tier of girl groups that could definitely be appealing.

The members of H1-KEY are probably taking the biggest risk considering they just gained some momentum with their last release charting (same with Lee Chaeyeon if her latest continues to rise), and perhaps Yuki being missing from PURPLE KISS might be bad for them as well. However, for the most part it seems like most of the idols would probably benefit from the stage.


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