Quick Reviews: TXT deliver a perfectly fine synth-pop track in “Chasing That Feeling”

Following their (successful, IMO) English-language release in “Back For More”, TXT are back for more with their Korean single “Chasing That Feeling“. In a weird twist of fate considering K-pop’s history, the overseas venture was the more enjoyable offering.

That’s not to say “Chasing That Feeling” is bad, as the 80s synth-pop sound is always up my alley. However, the obvious Take On Me inspired track too often settles for safe and cromulent rather than actually pushing the envelope. I dunno, the “chasing that feeeeeeling” hook is pretty good, but the track never feels as driving and uplifting as it wants to be, and it ends up feeling surprisingly reserved from a group that does punchy very well. All that said, like with a lot of solid synth-pop stuff, there’s always potential use for it on a driving playlist.


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