Rundown: Park Bom, MCND, aespa, Billlie, Dino, NARSHA, ONE PACT, more

Heading into December now, which is usually a pretty bleak month, and it has a Rundown to match for the most part.


Park Bom (Feat. DAWN) – “I”

Generic? Yes, but the enjoyable kind of generic thanks to a bit of pace and her unique vocal putting a personal stamp on it.


LUN8wave – “Playground”

The debut of a subunit from LUN8, it feels like somebody accidentally submitted the slow-down version to the company and they just rolled with it until the very end where they fixed it temporarily. Seems relatively fine other than that.



Kinda love this? Like I wish the chorus had a bit more “oomph” to it, but I enjoyed this country-inspired song with a stomping beat and a fun slide guitar.


FANTASY BOYS – “Potential”

Making a DIY echo effect the hook is … different, but doesn’t really work. Also, leave the falsetto to Taemin. Woof.


BANG YEDAM – “Only One”

Talented guy and a harmlessly solid song, but if this was a release on some indie channel, it’d never be mentioned.


aespa – “Jingle Bell Rock”

As the kids would say, a cunty version of a Christmas classic. Now imagining a CupcakKe version of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus“.


Billlie – “The Soul Savior”

The ever-present vocal effects are grating and the melody isn’t anywhere close to making up for it. Annoying song.


Dino (SEVENTEEN) – “Wait”

More of a vehicle for his performance ability than a relevant pop single, but that’s surely the point, so … fine.


Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) – “BLUSH”

Posting this for the sake of Brown Eyed Girls.


DKB – “What The Hell”

Title is a good question, though maybe directed more to Brave Brothers for letting BB Girls walk to churn out this stuff.


ONE PACT – “Must Be Nice”

An uninteresting instrumental we’ve heard 100 times before for like 12 seconds in the chorus is one way to debut with absolutely no impact. Will never get it.


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