59-year-old woman sentenced for stalking Apink’s Jung Eunji, details of case revealed

Apink member Jung Eunji had been a victim of a stalker since 2020, though hopefully that has come to an end as a 59-year-old woman has been sentenced to a suspended sentence of two years (one year in prison if another crime committed), a 100k won fine, 120 hours of community service, and 40 hours of rehabilitation courses.

News of the stalker had emerged after Eunji filed charges in 2021, and this ruling revealed details of the crime, which included incidents both in person and digitally.

Ms. Cho first approached Jung Eunji in March 2020, sending her a message saying, “Will you accept me as your butler, your companion?“
In May of the same year, she followed Jung Eunji on a motorcycle from Yeouido to Cheongdam-dong hair and makeup shop. In April and July of the following year, Ms. Cho committed stalking crimes multiple times by lurking and waiting at Jung Eunji’s apartment.
In July 2021, while waiting at Jung Eunji’s residence, Ms. Cho received a police warning not to approach Jung Eunji. She then sent a message to the agency official, saying, “I won’t send texts again.”

After this incident, Ms. Cho continued to send Jung Eunji direct messages (DM) on Instagram and messages on the paid communication service Bubble, harassing her. Over the course of five months, Ms. Cho sent 544 Instagram DMs and Bubble messages.
The messages included contents like, “Eunji, did you sue me? Why? Now all I do is send texts.” Due to this, Jung Eunji announced the suspension of her Bubble service in December 2021.
The court stated, “The defendant’s messages exceeded the level of expressing support, interest and affection that a fan might send to a celebrity. Even if the victim joined Instagram and Bubble to communicate with the public, it can’t be considered as consenting or permitting any form of approach or contact.”

The court said the stalker’s sentence reflects a lack of remorse for the crime.

The court added, “Despite the significant mental shock, pain, anxiety and fear experienced by the victim, the defendant showed no remorse and denied the crime. The nature of the crime is bad.”

I’m hopeful that the stalker will get the help they clearly need, if for no other reason than to leave Eunji alone. She’s gone through enough between stuff like this and the constant bomb threats against the group. That said, given that in court the stalker had still not shown remorse, I’m not exactly hopeful.


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