Bullet Points: Kim Tae Hee/Rain stalker, Nam Tae Hyun sentenced, Jaejoong still dealing with sasaengs, marriages, births, oh my

It’s been almost a month since I did this feature last, so quite frankly, there’s been a lot that’s happened even so early in the year.


Somehow an appropriate company name for Gyuri.


Wishing the best for An Chanwon, but being worn out doesn’t surprise me too much since he’s 15 and an active idol. The issues of Minnie and Yuqi are likely overwork, as fans have pointed out, but that’s unfortunately likely normalized for top groups.


After a dozen incidents and three misdemeanors, a stalker of one of the most famous couples in Korea got six months. That’s what it takes to get any punishment. Also, Jaejoong suffering like this after two decades must be wild. Like surely you hope as you close in on 40 that your fandom at least calms their tits a bit … but no.


Nam Tae Hyun‘s apology tour for the government has kept him out of jail, which is great since rehab was always what’s needed, and I hope he continues to advocate on that front.


This happened.


Maybe YUKIKA will come back after the baby?

Also, J-pop news! Go go go!


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