Bullet Points: BLACKPINK’s Lisa founds LLOUD, cult loses Netflix lawsuit, DPR drama, KinKi Kids & Momoiro Clover Z union, Kanjani8 renamed, more

Low volume but high impact news since the last time around, as there’s fresh drama to catch up on, a bunch of agency moves, and both a high-profile marriage and renaming on the Japanese side of things.


Well, guess that explains DPR REM‘s abrupt departure from the company about a year ago. Also, that cult running Synnara Record thankfully lost their lawsuit against Netflix for damages stemming from the In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal documentary.


There were reports of discord back at the end of last year that both Jessi and Jay Park denied, but … well, that was a quick run of less than a year with the company. Irene‘s news makes sense as SM Entertainment may have helped save her by preventing any evidence of her mess getting out (reading about something and seeing/hearing it understandably get different public responses). Lisa forging out on her own also makes sense, as it was always expected BLACKPINK will all eventually do so.


Injuries and what not aren’t a surprise anymore, but having to leave the group over health issues relatively early on is always ominous and shitty feeling, as if they were broken by the industry.


Shoutout to the commenter who tipped me off on this. Anyway, their ages are mentioned not necessarily because dating at their current ages is problematic, but as other fans have pointed out, they’ve known each other for over a decade so … yeah. Also, it’s hilarious that they wished for world peace in their announcement.


The rebranding under STARTO Entertainment following Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual abuse scandal continues, as it includes the groups getting/wanting a new start as well. Dunno about that generic-ass name, tho.


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