Festival queen Kwon Eunbi, SHINee’s Minho, and KISS OF LIFE bring the heat to 2024 Waterbomb Seoul

Hello and welcome back to your 2024 Waterbomb Festival Seoul update site apparently because … well, I know what my audience wants even though I am personally a pure and innocent angel.

Following Day 1, there was a good collection of stars so far today, as there’s the return of the queen, a long-awaited appearance, and a new rookie debuting with high expectations.


Let’s just start things off with Kwon Eunbi, who went omega viral last year and has been reaping all the benefits of that since.

The best thing about her performances is now everybody wants in on the coverage, so she gets all her songs put up.

Next let’s go to the apparent viral star so far for this Waterbomb in the form of SHINee’s Minho. Dude has been training even harder than he normally does, probably for this, and it seems to have paid off.

People are just cheering cause the like “Body Rhythm” so much, right?

Then of course there’s KISS OF LIFE, including performing their new single that almost seemed custom-made for Waterbomb. Predictably, things worked out well on that front.

That’s nice, but I actually want the performance itself of “Midas Touch”, lol. Dammit.

Update: It is here.

Natty also did “Taxi Blurr” with Jay Park.

Like good lord, dude. Obviously hot, but what a performer.

“Mommae” bonus.

There might be more from today even, though these are all the videos out for now. Should be plenty to satiate you demons for now.


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