Cha Eun Woo, Huta, and Baekho rule 2024 Waterbomb Seoul, while Jeewon gets her wish and Chuu is cute

It’s Waterbomb time, which means it’s time for international netizens on social media who never leave their house get mad about young Korean men and women getting together to get soaked during the hot-ass summer and enjoy themselves while gawking at half-naked celebrities, just as god intended.


Anyway, besides Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman enjoying themselves quite a bit, I also wish I had this power of Cha Eun Woo. Look at this shit, dude.

Women literally sprinting to effectively see him in a wet t-shirt contest that was actually gigantic Sprite ad. Love capitalism.

Of course, the real highlight for dudes flaunting their stuff was again Huta — BTOB’s Minhyuk — who repeated his standout showing from last year’s Waterbomb.

Former NU’EST member turned soloist Baekho was also doing a similar act. I must’ve not been following his fitness journey, but when the hell did he get shredded like this? Aspirational, lol.

Jeewon was there as well, though not Cignature with their Waterbomb ready “Poongdung”. So C9 Entertainment partially fulfilled the request she made on (former Rainbow member) Hyunyoung’s YouTube channel, but not for the full group or their single, unfortunately.

Surprisingly, Chuu wasn’t as out of place as I thought when it was announced, which I guess makes sense when you consider her energy and persona are perfect for summer festivals.

Honestly, there wasn’t a ton of women stuff that I saw yet, mostly just shredded dudes cause my mutuals are horny as hell, I guess.

Are you even reading the words I type at this point? Or have you gone blind yet?


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