T-ara’s “TIAMO” about as good as one could hope for … of the song type


T-ara‘s comeback was already a success after they gave that interview, but they decided to try and tack on anyway by releasing “TIAMO“.

When it was announced T-ara was going away from their typical dance tracks, I prepared myself for the worse. Fortunately, instead of getting a vapid, belting ballad, they instead came with tempo, and the inclusion of the drums in the instrumental was a nice touch.

This definitely isn’t what anybody’s come to expect from T-ara, but the soft, sentimental track for the winter season went about as well as could be expected at least.

Speaking of things going well, the visuals of both the sets and the members themselves fit in perfectly.






Not my kind of thing, but it wasn’t painful for once and was actually a rather pleasant listen for stretches.


‘Remember’ Album

“TIAMO” Song


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