YG shamelessly lied & manipulated, thus making a mess of 2NE1’s disbandment


YG Entertainment announced earlier today that 2NE1 would be disbanding. That wasn’t all that surprising, but given some time to reflect on the timeline of events, it does make YG‘s fuckery in the handling of the situation apparent.

YG admitted he knew back in May of this year that both Minzy and Park Bom were done with the company and that 2NE1 were finished as a group. However, at the time, he only revealed that Minzy didn’t re-sign with the company and would be leaving 2NE1. YG followed that up with a blatant lie that the other three members had all re-upped.

“The remaining three members have re-signed, and they’re preparing for a new song release for this summer as 2NE1. We are not looking for an additional member to replace Minzy.”

Like with his attempt to scapegoat Taehyun with WINNER earlier today, it’s clear now that YG was just trying to put the lack of a 2NE1 comeback on Minzy’s shoulders (since she was no longer an asset) even though he knew 2NE1 was done anyway.

What followed was predictable in a situation where the company blames a departing member for the group not being able to come back, and 2NE1 stans flooded Minzy’s social media with snake emojis and all kinds of shit basically calling her a traitor. YG thus managed to keep most of the 2NE1 fandom from turning on the remaining members or on him, instead giving them Minzy to focus on for the group’s troubles. In retrospect, this helps explain why Minzy perhaps came off bitter or ungrateful at the time she left, and it also helps explain why Minzy’s dad and her friend were unhappy, despite it coming off as salty and unproductive at the time. After all, who wouldn’t be pissed that your friend was being scapegoated?

But that’s not the end of it, because YG announced later that CL‘s American advancement would continue with the ‘Hello Bitches Tour 2016. On the tour, she performed a ton of 2NE1 songs for 2NE1 fans, many of whom still thought the group would be coming back any day now — thanks to CL and Sandara vaguely hinting at it all the time … oh surprise they were the two who were under contract — and used that hope to take the money of the fans and sell CL’s tour tickets.

YG also made sure that his 2NE1 replacement group, BLACKPINK, was firmly established and could take the torch from 2NE1 effectively. This isn’t a diss of BLACKPINK at all, who had no fault in this, it’s just what fuckhead YG said himself about BLACKPINK essentially being a direct replacement for 2NE1 except “pretty too.”

“If you ask me to distinguish Blackpink from 2NE1, I want to say I did not try to make them different,” Yang said. “If you ask me what differentiates them from other girl groups, I will say I did not form them with that in mind. I tried to make the YG version of a girl group like I did with 2NE1. But this time I wanted the girls to look pretty too, with skills.” He admitted that Blackpink’s songs were written by Teddy, the main producer for 2NE1, who wrote hit songs for them including “I’m the Best,” “Ugly” and “Can’t Nobody.” “But it has a different feeling when different persons wear the same clothes,” he said. “Two teams have different voices and different faces.”

So basically, once YG had maxed out all the money he could milk off 2NE1 fans with CL’s tour, and once BLACKPINK had established themselves as credible 2NE1 replacements (as well as allowing time for 2NE1 fans to transition over to BLACKPINK during the hiatus), there was no incentive to keep the charade up for any long. Thus, that’s when he revealed that 2NE1 would be done for good and had been for months now.

Why do people stan this dude and his company?

I mean, what else can you expect from a guy like YG other than a shameless mess?


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