Nude celeb vid scandal has hundreds of victims, police open investigation

The celebrity masturbation video scandal that involved at least a handful of celebrities was confirmed as legit today, as police have started an investigation that they believe totals hundreds of victims, mainly male civilians.

On the 20th, Seocho, Seoul police started investigation after it was revealed that foreign social media accounts uploaded many civilian male ‘bodycam’ videos and sold them to the public for money. Videos taken while performing sexual acts on smartphone chatting apps are called ‘bodycams’. Police believe that the hundreds of civilian videos were leaked within 10 days of the celebrity’s video being leaked. It is suspected that foreign social media accounts were used to upload the first part called “Teaser” and once people inquired about the video, the video was sold for ₩40,000~70,000 ($34~59 USD). The social media site used was American and the accounts have now been banned. It is suspected that all the victims are male and there are up to hundreds of videos. It is said that the sellers of the ‘bodycams’ never threatened or contacted the victims, thus they were unaware of the video leaks.

Based on initial information, at least, it doesn’t seem to be sponsor related. Still, given how standardized and widespread these seem to be, along with the fact that this was apparently a monetary venture, it should be interesting to see how this plays out and if anybody is punished.

Again, the hundreds of others involved in this leak are civilians, and there’s no specific word on the extent of the crime on the celebrity side of things.


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