Lee Se Young of ‘SNL Korea’ somehow cleared of sexual harassment of B1A4/Block B/INFINITE

Lee Se Young, who has been made into the face of the ongoing Saturday Night Live Korea sexual harassment scandal, has had the case against her dismissed by the police on lack of evidence grounds. This is mainly because all the groups involved (B1A4/Block B/INFINITE) said that there was no physical touching and that they didn’t want to press charges.

According to the police department, the idol group members insisted that no inappropriate conduct ever took place. Representatives from the police explained: “The members of B1A4, INFINITE and BLOCK B have all stated that she did not physically touch them.”

Because the artists decided not to press any charges, the police did not personally investigate Lee Se Young or bring her in for questioning. The case has officially been dropped and she has been cleared of all charges.

This is, of course, despite the video evidence of her and others definitely making physical contact with them and Lee Se Young being heard yelling out “I touched them all!” in one case.

Sooo … k.

On one hand, she was definitely a scapegoat for the group of women who participated in this mess. On the other hand, she’s on fucking video and they have audio of her bragging about it, and asking alleged victims of sex crimes whether or not they felt victimized in a case that’s already public and just taking their word for it is not the best way to determine whether wrongdoing occurred as there are other factors that influence their response. In this case, idols are likely to not want to cause waves in the industry, and especially because men aren’t likely to want to press charges of sexual harassment against women.

But hey, always trust the police and legal system or something.


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