LOONA units Heejin/Hyunjin & Haseul/Yeojin drop light & fun “My Sunday” & “My Melody”

Because LOONA‘s company is nuts, there were two other music videos released in addition to the debut of Yeojin with “Kiss Later. The two songs were essentially the same (different choruses) but were sung by different units. Heejin and Hyunjin (who teamed up before and should be a permanent unit) with “My Sunday” and Haseul and Yeojin with “My Melody“.

I almost wish I hated this as much as I feel I should so I could just write some dismissive crap and move on with my life. And yet, here I sit and I’ve listened to this like a dozen times and I’m not tired of it. Listen, I realize there’s no new ground being broken here, but this chill-out track is right up my alley with the acoustic guitar paired with a nice rhythm provided by the percussion that keeps things interesting and a definite cut above typical coffee-house tripe. Yet it undoubtedly does have that feel to it, with a light and fun atmosphere created and vocals that play into it perfectly.

Speaking of vocals, I think it excels specifically because it doesn’t try too hard to be cute or powerful, choosing instead of keep thing subdued during the verses. They stay at the bottom of the range and slowly work their way up throughout the song, and it works to keep things sounding different even when the music repeats. Sure, it can get a bit too airy at times, but there are enough bells and whistles included in the production that it avoids bogging down too much.

Overall, they are remarkably similar since they use the same shell, but I definitely prefer “My Sunday” to “My Melody” because of how the hook seems to flow much better in the former than the latter. That said, what surprised me was how well both hold up on repeated listens, and that’s what pushed me over the edge to gush about it in this review.


Visually, the videos were similar as well, both with the respective units touring around foreign lands with a production quality that shouldn’t be allowed for a group that hasn’t even debuted.

Nothing special so to speak, but the videos look good and they match the general feeling of the songs and end up serving them well.

Also, while I think they’re meant to depict close friends, it sure as hell could be mistaken for the units being lovers on vacation.


For the most part, I’ve liked what LOONA have had to offer thus far, and that alone impresses me given the sheer volume they’ve had to push (something even major companies struggle with). “My Sunday” and “My Melody” continue to add to their quality releases, and while neither are what you might typically see generating plaudits here, the fact that I can see myself listening to this all year long is undeniable.

In a way, I’m sorta pissed off at myself for buying into LOONA so quickly when I was initially going to ignore everything until debut. Yet, I actually respect the marketing scheme they’re rolling out, and so far more than just hype, they’ve actually delivered on product as well.


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