UEE dodged working with Park Shi Hoo in that KBS weekend drama like Neo

After news got out that KBS offered lead roles in their weekend drama to both UEE and Park Shi Hoo, there was understandable concern that the latter of the pair was allowed to continue his career and that the former would be working with him. Fortunately, UEE’s company recently revealed that she would be turning down the offer.

Her agency revealed on June 8 that UEE had made the final decision to turn down the offer to appear in KBS’s new weekend drama “My Golden Life.” She is currently looking over other potential projects. KBS also confirmed the news and stated, “UEE was one of the many candidates we were talking to, and she has made the decision to not appear in the drama. We have not yet decided who will play the character she turned down.”

UEE with the impressive dodging to avoid that mess.


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