E’Dawn (now ex-Pentagon) & Cube Entertainment agree to terminate contract

Following the dating “scandal” with HyunA and E’Dawn, Cube Entertainment made a mess out of handling that issue, and then HyunA left the company in mid-October. Moments ago it was reported that E’Dawn is also leaving the company, which means Pentagon as well, after the two sides have failed to come to a mutual understanding. Cube later confirmed the contract termination in a brief statement.

Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn agreed to terminate the exclusive contract on November 14. We sincerely thank the artist and fans who have been supporting each other thus far.

Would’ve been naive to assume any outcome other than this after the duo dropped couple pictures on Instagram and shit.

It’ll be interesting to see where E’Dawn goes from here in terms of career. If I had to bet, I would say focusing on the production side of things, but surely he has fans that know him better.


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