Yoo In Suk (ex-Yuri Holdings CEO) denies allegations, Lee Moon Ho (Burning Sun CEO) warrant denied, 2 other warrants issued, Burning Sun promoter Anna tests positive for 5 drugs

Yoo In Suk, the embattled former CEO of Yuri Holdings, is currently under fire not just for his participation in the Jung Joon Young/Seungri group chat and providing prostitutes, but also for his alleged connection to police corruption. Recently though, in a statement that he described as an apology, he denies all allegations.

Yoo In Suk stated that he had not received any information from Yoon regarding the crackdown on Monkey Museum, the club that Yoo In Suk and Seungri had opened. He said that Yoon had only given him sincere advice as he told him, “You shouldn’t operate a business like that.” However, Yoon has been booked as a suspect on suspicions of leaking official secrets. The police determined that Yoon had given a significant amount of information about the investigation to Yoo In Suk. “Newsdesk” stated that it appeared Yoo In Suk was taking Yoon’s side to cover up not only Yoon’s criminal charges, but also his own. Yoo In Suk stated, “I followed Senior Superintendent Yoon as a hyung, and we of course had meals and played golf together a few times. I learned a lot from him. I am sorry for causing trouble for a person who has been an outstanding civil servant.”

Well, he’s certainly apologetic towards the senior superintendent currently being investigated for corruption at least.

Furthermore, he’s going with the same defense of his role in the group chat as Seungri.

In regards to the suspicions that Seungri had provided sexual escort services for foreign investors, Yoo In Suk said, “The content of the KakaoTalk conversations were jokes or false.”

Interesting how they are all confirming the chat is real and denying the prostitution stuff as jokes, but don’t really want to touch on the hidden camera videos/pictures side of things and their interaction with that. Guess since Jung Joon Young is probably going down they’d rather not open up that can of worms themselves.


Oh, and remember Lee Moon Ho? The current Burning Sun CEO who gave that disastrous interview, was under investigation by three branches of police, and tested positive for drugs? Well maybe we know now where his hubris was coming from, because he somehow had his arrest warrant denied.

On March 19, chief judge Shin Jong Yeol of the Seoul Central District Court questioned Lee Moon Ho to determine the validity of a warrant, ultimately reaching the decision to reject the warrant request.
Judge Shin Jong Yeol said, “There’s room for argument about the criminal charges of drug use and possession. It’s difficult to recognize the need and reasonability for the suspect’s arrest considering the collection of evidence, the suspects’ whereabouts and potential for severed contact, the suspect’s attitude towards the investigations, his criminal history related to drugs, and the connections between the adult entertainment establishment and the police.”

Koreans are … well, confused by this because he had already pissed hot which is normally enough to get arrested. This certainly didn’t do any favors to regain confidence in the justice system.


As far as the others involved in the chat and Burning Sun, they did issue arrest warrants for Kim and Jang.

It also filed arrest warrants for a Burning Sun employee surnamed Kim and an executive director at the club surnamed Jang. Kim is accused of illicit filming. Jang is accused of inflicting bodily harm for allegedly assaulting Kim Sang-kyo, a customer who opened the floodgates of allegations surrounding Burning Sun.

So for those wondering, things are progressing elsewhere on people who aren’t public figures. In fact, the suspicion of connections is falling on the ones who are at the forefront of this, not the quieter figures.


Meanwhile, MBC Newsdesk reported that the Burning Sun merchandiser/promoter Anna recently tested positive for a whole battery of drugs in her system. She is being investigated for drug use, distribution of drugs in the club, and selling of drugs.

According to MBC, Anna’s hair and urine were tested for drugs by the National Forensic Service on March 16 during the first round of investigations, and the results from her hair came back positive for methamphetamine, ecstasy, opium, marijuana, and ketamine. Anna was caught for use of ecstasy and ketamine in September 2018, but the test results showed different drugs this time. She will go through the second round of questioning where the police will investigate from whom and how she obtained the drugs.

Anna had previously claimed that fluid and white powder found at her residence were eye drops for her cat and laundry detergent, denying having sold drugs. Former employees of Burning Sun aren’t helping her out much, though.

Former employees of Burning Sun have been testifying that Anna distributed drugs to Chinese VIP customers. MBC News asked a customer if it was known that Anna distributed drugs to other Chinese customers, the customer replied, “Everyone knew. They share information like who can supply the drugs amongst each other.” The police are investigating the truth and scale of the Chinese customers who received and used drugs from Anna, and if Burning Sun employees knew about the suspicion of drug distribution to Chinese customers. The police revealed that the probability of an arrest without warrant is low since Anna made two voluntary appearances, but that the possibility of an application for an arrest warrant can’t be ruled out.

Five different drugs in her system at the same time, suspicious stuff found her her residence, and everybody from former employees at the club to customers saying you definitely sold drugs is not the best combination for her.


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