Another Burning Sun staff being investigated for sexual assault, Seungri denies bribing senior officer, SHAUN’s company denies any scandal connection

The news in relation to this scandal is seemingly never ending, and MBC has recently reported that yet another Burning Sun staff member is now under investigation for sexual assault.


Way back at the start of this scandal, a Burning Sun staff member was investigated and eventually arrested for sharing and filming a video of sexual assault. However, now another staff member is accused of doing the same to other victims.

A video of sexual assault taking place at Burning Sun previously circulated online in February, around the time when MBC’s “Newsdesk” first revealed a CCTV footage of a man being assaulted at the club. On the March 22 broadcast of the show, MBC revealed that although Burning Sun staff member A has already been arrested for filming and sharing footage of the incident, another staff member has been discovered to have also assaulted other female victims. The incident was reported to have taken place on the same day and same location as the original video. Police have launched into an investigation of this case following their discovery.

The details are disturbing, and they report that both employees actually worked together on this.

In the video, as the first female victim leaves the room, Burning Sun staff member B brings another victim to the restroom and sexually assaults her. It was reported that staff members A and B were involved in the assault of three female victims, and that A filmed the act using B’s phone. According to the police, the restroom in the VIP room was often used as the location for sexual assault and illegally filmed footage. As the police began to proceed with investigating A, B reportedly deleted the videos in a hurry and began destroying evidence. One Burning Sun guest commented, “B said that he moved the videos [from his phone] to his laptop to be safe, and that even if he reboots his phone, he’ll still be anxious, so he said, ‘I’ll register a totally new phone, and submit it to the police after buying it.” Although police plan to seize two of B’s mobile phones and restore the deleted footage, B responded that he will not comply with the forensic work unless a lawyer joins him.

If it turns out they did what they’re accused of, then these are the people involved in this that need serious jail time the most … so certainly glad the police haven’t been slow as hell to enforce any type of search of the suspects and especially that there haven’t been any corruption allegations attached to this on seemingly every level.


SBS 8’Clock News has recently reported that Seungri has admitted to knowing the senior superintendent under investigation for corruption but has denied ever bribing him.

The police’s investigation is currently focused on finding out whether Yoon intervened in relation to the investigation of the illegal operations of Monkey Museum, in which Seungri received a favorable legal outcome. Seungri has admitted to knowing that it was illegal for the club to have been registered as a “general restaurant” instead of an “entertainment bar.” There are suspicions that the club was registered as a general restaurant in order to pay lower taxes. SBS reports that Yoon has continued to deny all charges. It’s said that those in charge of the investigation at the time stated that they misunderstood the law and they didn’t know Yoon. In addition, during a session of questioning by the police on March 21, Seungri stated, “It’s true that I’ve had dinner with Yoon, but Yoon always paid for the meal himself.” Analysis of Yoon’s phone has also not turned up anything of significance, and it was revealed in this process that Yoon often used Telegram, which allows the deletion of past conversations.

Yeah, so this is the same stance as everybody else involved so far. That they know him (because they can check that), that they talked about him in the chat (because they can check that), but that a bribe never actually took place and they were just bragging (because they don’t have evidence to suggest otherwise). From their perspective, it makes sense as a legal defense since police need a paper trail and this Yoon guy is the only non-dumbass who didn’t put everything on KakaoTalk. Whether you believe nothing is amiss, on the other hand, is up to you.


Oh yeah, remember SHAUN from the sajaegi mess? Well he still probably didn’t do anything wrong himself, but his company is accused of running the same tax evasion scheme as others have with a club they own called MU:IN.

On March 22, it was reported that another club called MU:IN is being suspected of using a similar method as Monkey Museum and Love Signal for a lower tax rate. The club is registered as a general restaurant business rather than as an entertainment bar, which allows it to pay less taxes. According to Article 21 in the Enforcement Decree of Food Sanitation Law, a general restaurant business is described as a “business of cooking and selling food, where drinking accompanied with meals is allowed.” An entertainment bar is described as a “business of cooking and selling mainly alcoholic beverages, where workers engaged in entertainment may be employed or entertainment facilities may be established, and customers may sing or dance.” The owner of MU:IN is a company called Eumjugamuin (a Korean phrase referring to someone who enjoys drinking, singing, and dancing), and the address registered for the company is the same as the address of Shaun’s agency DCTOM E&C. The CEO, executive director, and finance manager of Eumjugamuin are all signed with DCTOM E&C.

They have also enjoyed a close relationship with Burning Sun, and Seungri and SHAUN have a previous connection as well.

MU:IN and Burning Sun are closely linked. Last year, the two clubs held a collaboration party every Thursday called “MU:IN Sun Day” and also held a joint pool party every Friday and Saturday. In addition, the employees of the two clubs had a joint gathering in Busan last August. DC:TOM’s CEO Park Seung Do is also the music director of Burning Sun, and DC:TOM was listed as a partner company on Burning Sun’s website. Previously in July, Seungri promoted Shaun’s song “Way Back Home” on Instagram, referring to Shaun as “Burning Sun’s resident DJ.” However, following negative comments regarding chart manipulation accusations of the song, the post was soon deleted.

The club not at all suspiciously closed in February.

Of course, like everybody else of late, they want nothing to do with that connection now.

In response to the reports, DC:TOM E&C commented, “DC:TOM E&C and Eumjugamuin, which runs MU:IN, are separate corporate entities with different shareholders and employees,” and added, “The DC:TOM E&C DJs performed after being paid by MU:IN. Also with Burning Sun, they performed after being paid after receiving the requests. They are not related in any other way.”

The company followed by releasing a marathon statement denying wrongdoing and emphatically denying all ties to Burning Sun, also specifying that SHAUN has nothing to do with it.

Gatsby, indeed.


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