Burning Sun Roundup: More women come forward against molka group chat members, prostitution mediation & police corruption updates

It’s been a couple weeks since the last Burning Sun roundup, and there have been three accusations (1/2/3) of molka group chat members being involved in rape since. Apart from those significant news stories, there’s also been other updates.


Following Yoo In Suk’s admission that prostitutes were solicited at the Christmas party held by him and Seungri in 2015 for a Japanese investor, the CEO of the construction company that was allegedly involved denied anything like that happened.

During an interview with Channel A, however, the CEO denied these allegations. He stated, “I attended the Christmas party with my wife. The reported suspicions are not true.” As the head of a Japanese construction company, CEO A, who invested in Seungri’s Japanese-style ramen franchise, emphasized his personal relationship with Seungri over a business relationship. He remarked, “Seungri is a younger brother I’m proud of and an eternal friend.” CEO A became friendly with Seungri after being introduced to the singer by his wife, who had previously worked in the Japanese entertainment industry. CEO A continued, “I’ve never received [sexual services] from Seungri. The entire family has always been close.”

Meanwhile, the police recently said that the CEO himself isn’t under suspicion anymore, but they have confirmed that prostitution services were received by those who accompanied him.

On May 2, an official of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed, “We confirmed the purchase of prostitution services from some of the people who accompanied Japanese CEO A during his visit to Korea in 2015.” However, the official explained, “In the case of CEO A, who has been reported in the news, we confirmed that he entered the country with his wife, but we did not find any points of suspicions to tie him to the crimes being charged.” The police are looking at how to investigate the accompanying party of the Japanese businessman whose charges for receiving prostitution services are confirmed.

So in regards to prostitution services connected with this Christmas party in 2015, Yoo In Suk has admitted it happened, 17 women have been booked, and now police are confirming services were received by men who came with the Japanese CEO. However, Seungri has denied any knowledge (much less involvement) of it and the CEO doesn’t appear to be under investigation for it anymore.

So Seungri is being looked at for providing prostitution on multiple occasions already, but according to MBN, police are now also looking into whether he provided prostitution to Japanese investors in July of 2016.

MBN reported that the police now also suspect Seungri of arranging for prostitution services for Japanese investors in July 2016. The police are investigating the possibility that Seungri’s group invited Japanese investors to Seoul and held an event that included prostitution services. They have determined the Japanese investors’ movements and locations at the time and are questioning women who are said to have been involved.

It’s seemingly never-ending.


While the arrest warrant for Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho was previously denied despite his positive drug test, it has now been approved.

On April 19, a warrant for Lee Moon Ho’s arrest was issued by Lim Min Sung, the head judge in charge of warrants at the the Seoul Central District Court. Lee Moon Ho is suspected of a violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc. (psychotropics). When explaining the reason for the arrest warrant with detention, the judge stated that the court recognizes a considerable part of the facts about the criminal offense, including facts added after the initial request for a warrant last month. It was also explained that there are concerns about potential destruction of evidence.

The delay is suspicious, obviously.

Meanwhile, the Burning Sun MD Anna, who has been under investigation for using and dealing drugs, has had an arrest warrant dismissed.

The Burning Sun MD (merchandiser, also known as promoter) known by the name Anna was also questioned to determine the validity of the requested warrant for her arrest with detention over suspicions of drug use. However, the warrant was dismissed by the court. The court stated that while she has admitted to taking drugs, the suspicions of drug distribution were not included in the facts of the criminal offense listed on the arrest warrant request. They went on to say that it would be difficult to consider her arrest with detention as necessary. In regards to Anna, the police have stated that they are investigating through various angles in relation to suspicions of a system of drug distribution within the club, however they have not confirmed anything yet beyond drug use and acts of transferring.

So Anna has now admitted to using drugs, but basically police cannot yet prove that she was involved in a drug distribution network and that investigation continues.


Police also cleared … uh, themselves on being bribed by Choi Jong Hoon after his drunk driving incident to block it from the press, admitting that his status as a public figure was noted but there was no evidence the police covered it up or received bribes in relation to it.

The police found that the police station in charge of the case (Seoul Yongsan Police Station) had informed the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency about the fact that Choi Jong Hoon was a celebrity and was caught drunk driving. This was found through investigation records and records in a cellphone belonging to the police officer in charge of the case at the time. In addition, the police looked into the bank account records of the participants of the group chatroom with Choi Jong Hoon, as well as those of all officers at the Yongsan Police Station, and they found no evidence of corrupt connections to Senior Superintendent Yoon, former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk, or other police officers in command of investigations.

Interesting that they don’t even really acknowledge how the information may have been suppressed. Whether the police or media did it, something happened there that was abnormal, that’s not really in dispute.

Looping back to the start of all this, one of the officers involved in the alleged assault of the Burning Sun assault victim is also being investigated for sexually assaulting a co-worker and has a previous sexual assault as well.

The officer who goes by the initial “Ha” is additionally being investigated for consistently sexually assaulting a female colleague, who reported the case to the police. He had apparently stalked the female police officer and sexually assaulted her in the patrol car. In fact, Officer Ha was punished for sexually assaulting a female colleague at a previous police station he worked at as well. His reputation is said to be secretly known within the police department.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the person who initially attacked the assault victim was Choi Soon Sil‘s nephew.

Mr. Choi (previously mentioned here as Choi Soon Sil’s nephew) is confirmed to be the first assailant of Kim Sang Kyo. Police have booked him without physical detention after analyzing the CCTV for violating the Law on Punishment of Violent Acts. He used a VIP exit to leave Burning Sun after the assault. He has already been summoned and questioned by police and they plan to send him to prosecution soon.

That name should be recognizable from the Park Geun Hye scandal. I’m a bit of a skeptic and cynic by nature, but I don’t really feel it requires one to believe in some kind of conspiracy at this point to be wary of a potential cover-up considering some of the people involved.


As mentioned at the start, there are three accusations of rape being leveled against members of the molka group chat, but KBS has said that more women are coming forward and there are now seven women who claim to be victims.

On April 28, KBS reported that more and more women claiming to be victims of rape and sexual assault by the members of Jung Joon Young‘s chatroom have been filing complaints. According to the report, there are currently 7 women who claim to be victims of Jung Joon Young’s group chatroom members.

Other women who filed complaints with the police have also claimed that they lost consciousness after drinking alcohol with the members of the group chat and were sexually assaulted. KBS reported the possibility of illegal drug use in these cases.

Definitely not surprising, though the details of those other cases have not been shared as of yet.


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