Jay Park accepts Brian Ortega’s apology then raps about getting the ‘W’ because … sure, I guess

Even though we’re all fucked cause of COVID-19, at least this bizarre drama with Jay Park being slapped by UFC fighter Brian Ortega for translating Chan Sung Jung’s words continues to provide content.

After the initial apology, Ortega released a longer apology on Instagram.

That’s cool.

For whatever reason, Jay decided to then rap about the whole thing.

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To all the internet tough guys judging me based on my race and looks. Toughness and show of heart is interior not exterior. Also much harder to forgive then to seek revenge. Thank u to everybody who had my back but its over and squashed so everybody lets move on. Back to the grind peace and love #notyouraveragekpopdude #koreanhiphopsfinest #roadlesstraveled #grownmanbars Only rapper to get slapped and get the w momma always said there’ll never be another you Every word i say the realest shit i uttered too got that flow they wanna hear its melted butter smooth Thinkin i got dirty laundry they trying to fold me But i shine like a diamond and thats water so im snorkeling Had killers hittin my line askin to handle it for me I told em it aint that deep keep moving cordially  React accordingly sayin we pussy asians? Nah id rather son’em with humility and patience Id rather show em with ability and cadence The world could do without the trolling and the fakin Never said something I couldn’t handle myself wouldnt steal your food id rather tighten my belt sell my soul to sell records? Id rather be on the shelf Asian kid from the burbs the realest u ever felt Dont dig ur own grave theres too much to live for Never take from the poor Robin Hood id rather give more Insecure ways they got more bark then a sycamore My dogs bite but its quietter than a whisper aomg h1ghr music and Seattle Not one curse word or punch thrown and won the battle God level moves and they swimmin without a paddle Im on yacht away from the snakes im never rattled

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I mean, he was getting the ‘W’ before this as he got promo for his fighter and got the fighter who slapped him to humble himself in front of him like three times. Then he did … well, this.


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