Kang Daniel & Rich Brian had their dance battle at 88Rising’s Asia Rising Forever concert (with LOONA, CLC, Hyukoh, Jackson)

88Rising‘s Asia Rising Forever online concert was held yesterday, and as promised Kang Daniel and Rich Brian managed to pull off a remote dance battle.

Kang Daniel kinda savage. He seemed to be letting Brian stick in it a bit like he had a chance and just crushed him at the end, lol.

As promised, others in Korean entertainment showed up (no Lim Kim stuff yet), with LOONA having a bunch of stuff, CLC doing one special performance, Hyukoh having a set, and GOT7‘s Jackson making a surprise appearance.

LOONA – “So What”

LOONA – “Colors”

LOONA’s Yves, Chuu, Heejin – “I LIKE U” Cover Of NIKI


CLC – “Me”



Jackson – “100 Ways”


The dance battle went about how I wanted it to, while both Hyukok and Jackson presented themselves in ways that I think meshed perfectly with the concert’s theme of kinda presenting a raw, unfiltered (and LIVE … or at least the illusion) performances that kinda took you into their locations.

Meanwhile, LOONA came off better than CLC thanks to a cover of an 88Rising artist (nice touch), though I was kinda disappointed that they opted to mimic what the audience likely thought of K-pop in doing pre-recorded, heavily structured stuff instead of them being allowed to kinda wing it. Think both groups were capable if allowed, but I suppose that provided some risk, which is always too much for most companies now.


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