Kim Hyun Joong puzzlingly cleared of charges brought by ex, is still terrible


Kim Hyun Joong was acquitted of all charges brought by his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child by ROK Army prosecution, which comes about a month after Seoul Central District Court stated both sides couldn’t prove anything, so they cleared him of charges and fined her for bringing them.

So basically, the judge is saying nothing can be proved. However, because the ex went to the press with the charges, and because poor celebrity soldier man Kim Hyun Joong had his enlistment the next day, the domestic abuser’s feelings must be protected and thus the ex had to be punished.

This all sounds terrible for her, right? Well it is, but not because this changes anything about him.

Let’s break down the court’s decision item by item.


1) The court dismissed the ex’s assault claim, saying it had little to no credibility.

Prosecution deemed that there is little to no credibility behind Choi’s claims that she had to receive a six-week medical treatment for her fractured ribs which resulted from Kim Hyun Joong’s alleged assault. Choi had reportedly said at the hospital that the injuries were from bumping into workout equipment, and the fact that she refused to provide a medical diagnosis only served to void her claims further.

Okay, so basically the court’s decision was to accept an old domestic abuse victim trope of “I fell down the stairs” and use that against her. That is honestly just comical.

“Oh but what if she really did hurt herself that way?”

Yeah, okay.

Well then let’s remember almost two years ago he apologized for beating her twice and got away with a fine because he was “showing her his fighting skills”

“Kim [Hyun Joong] stated that he had ‘no intentions of intentionally hitting her,’ and that he was ‘showing her his fighting skills when she was accidentally hurt,’ but the injuries on her body clearly indicate assault, and Kim Hyun Joong has been charged accordingly,” says the prosecution. “However, there was a settlement and letter of apology submitted, and upon consideration of those things, Kim Hyun Joong has been summarily indicted.”

Kim Hyun Joong had beaten his girlfriend last May, which left the victim with a diagnosed two weeks worth of injuries. But that was not the only case of violent outburst from the singer. Last July, when he was allegedly ‘showing’ his MMA (mixed martial arts) techniques to his girlfriend, he fractured her ribs, which took her six weeks from which to recover. At that point, the girlfriend went to the police and took legal action against Kim Hyun Joong.

…and then there were the text messages where Kim Hyun Joong admits beating her…


…and also the other text messages where the ex thought a Kim Hyun Joong beating caused a miscarriage.

Another series of texts starts by her sending him, “My body is all bruised up like this..”. He responded, “What do you want right now? Why did you send that picture? Do you want me to keep in mind that you’re hurt? I’m sorry. Let’s stop this. I think because of you, I got to see a side to myself that I haven’t seen in years.” She responded, “I guess… I’ve also been hit just enough not to die… I think the baby is miscarried by itself because you hit my stomach so much…”

In order to conclude the same as the prosecution did, you’d basically have to overlook not only his own apology for abusing her, but also the multiple incidents of abuse that he cops to in the texts. Given his history of abuse, why in the world one would take her telling her doctor “oh yeah, I hurt it ramming my fucking ribs into exercise equipment while running at full speed” at face value and not even consider that he is full of shit? You would have to be actively looking for reasons to rule against her to believe that shit.

I guess I just explained it to myself.


2) Court says KHJ’s ex demanded a lot of compensation, so it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t blackmail.

Additionally, as the 600 million KRW settlement amount to cover up the assault and miscarriage is considerably large, prosecution judged that it is hard to believe Choi’s claims that she never blackmailed Kim Hyun Joong.

They are literally saying that because the settlement was large, he was probably blackmailed, and not thinking that maybe it was so large because he beat the shit out of her over and over and did things like threaten death, so he wanted to shut her up and make her go away and was willing to pay her for it.

No? Must’ve been blackmail?



3. Court says KHJ didn’t falsely accuse his ex of blackmail because of the leaked text messages.

Prosecution arrived at the conclusion that Kim’s charges of blackmail against Choi cannot be deemed a false accusation as the text messages which were leaked in the media greatly contradicted Choi’s claims. Prosecution also judged that Choi’s mother’s text messages to Choi seemed to suggest behavior that is conducive to blackmail.

Yeah, we covered all those leaked texts and I have no idea what the fuck this is about.


Kim Hyun Joong: “Lets go to court then”
Miss Choi: “Did you drink?”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Go away”
Kim Hyun Joong: “You are so filthy”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Sue me tomorrow”
Miss Choi: “Did you say I’m filthy? Don’t talk like that”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I’m going to sue you as well”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I’m not going to sit and watch my parents like this as well”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Get all of the documents back from him”
Kim Hyun Joong: “And then”
Kim Hyun Joong: “After you get a new lawyer”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Sue me for assault”
Kim Hyun Joong: “And not for bodily damage and causing death (miscarriage)”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Then I’ll make my apology statement and stuff”
Miss Choi: “What are you talking about.. the documents already went in..”

Miss Choi: “I really don’t know what you think you did so right that you’re suing me.. Try to organize the situation yourself.. First you got caught sleeping with woman L by me and you beat me up over 10 times.. Next you slept with a girl that works at a night bar.. And then again you got caught with sleeping with woman J then beat me up and gave me bruises. My friend B saw the whole beating.. It was only four days after I had surgery after carrying your baby.. And it ended with you being angry after I said something last.. Do whatever you please. You played with me all along…”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Yeah there is nothing more”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Sue me”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I have nothing more either”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I’m not going to text you anymore”

Miss Choi: “I… really have a big pain in my heart.. I even had thoughts of killing my self. I carried your child multiple times.. and during my last abortion.. When I was going through it… You were sleeping with other women and showed the other side of you… You weren’t even human. And you say, this is the chance to get back together etc.. I’m sick of it and tired of it. You claimed you were going to your family meeting and went to ___’s house. Honestly, I couldn’t even go home for days. I was at my friend’s house because it was empty. I knew it would be even bigger when I go home. I couldn’t go give my key because I was so sick and my mom said lets go to the gynecologist for check-ups but I couldn’t tell her I already got an abortion. And I’m going to sue you. You beating me restlessly.. I just wanted a sincere apology but you’re doing this still.. After I sue you, we are both going to be a mess.”

Where is the blackmail? I see him threatening her and flipping out a lot, but that’s about it. I never found any insinuation of blackmail from her side in the leaked texts.

Also, the ex was already cleared of blackmail charges, if that means anything.


4. Court says KHJ’s ex’s claims that he demanded an abortion and that an assault caused a miscarriage were “unsubstantial”.

Choi’s claims that she experienced a miscarriage due to assault and that Kim Hyun Joong demanded for her to get an abortion were deemed unsubstantial, as well, based on documented material from the hospital that she was not with child at the time.

I’ve always been less sure about these issues. We just never got enough info on it one way or another (or I didn’t look into it enough, maybe), unlike the stuff like him being an abuser, the kid being his, and him being a tremendous piece of shit.

That said, there are the text messages that relate to the assault that allegedly caused the miscarriage.

Another series of texts starts by her sending him, “My body is all bruised up like this..”. He responded, “What do you want right now? Why did you send that picture? Do you want me to keep in mind that you’re hurt? I’m sorry. Let’s stop this. I think because of you, I got to see a side to myself that I haven’t seen in years.” She responded, “I guess… I’ve also been hit just enough not to die… I think the baby is miscarried by itself because you hit my stomach so much…”

And there’s a lot of texts about a pregnancy and an abortion.

Miss Choi: “What should I do about the pregnancy?”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I don’t like that my semen is so strong”
Miss Choi: “But I’m really serious”
Kim Hyun Joong: “what are you going to do about it”
Miss Choi: “What?”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Well what are you going to do about it?”
Miss Choi: “What do I do..”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I guess you have to go to a hospital”
Kim Hyun Joong: “When are you going to go?”
Kim Hyun Joong: “– are you… some type of pregnancy machine? –“
Kim Hyun Joong: “How are you so easily pregnant”
Miss Choi: “It’s my first time getting pregnant by anyone”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I guess you don’t have to go now but I think it’ll be good if you go around Monday”
Miss Choi: “Well.. I guess the sonogram will show the baby”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I know so what are you going to do about it”
Kim Hyun Joong: “This is such a pain in the ass I guess when I recently ejaculated inside of you, this happened”
Miss Choi: “I don’t think it was this time but last time.. I said on the day that I said this would be the last time you ejaculate in me”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Aish… my head hurts”
Miss Choi: “Ha.. T_T”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Well first go to a hospital or something”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Go anywhere”
Miss Choi: “Well I’m going to go but they’re obviously going to say I’m pregnant”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Okay well…”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Aren’t there any pills? –“
Miss Choi: “Is that something… you should say right now?”

Kim Hyun Joong: “How did I get stuck with a pig like you who gets pregnant so easily –“
Kim Hyun Joong: “Really you are pregnant freak”
Kim Hyun Joong: “You really can’t be sterile, you can’t”
Kim Hyun Joong: “You don’t even have insomnia ha proves that you’re healthy”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Why did you like to crawl in”
Kim Hyun Joong: “– Ah fuck I’m irritated I’m going to stop thinking about it”
Miss Choi: “– whew :(“

Miss Choi: “I’m waiting after getting injected with the medicine”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Why — Is it already done?”
Miss Choi: “The baby’s body already formed :(“
Kim Hyun Joong: “Oppa came home in order to make some seaweed soup”
Kim Hyun Joong: “– That fucker”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Don’t look at those”
Kim Hyun Joong: “You’re going to be weak hearted”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I asked your doctor and”
Miss Choi: “Well I had to check the sonogram”
Kim Hyun Joong: “He said you have no problem flying”
Kim Hyun Joong: “I reserved on Sunday”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Fighting~~ Let’s go heal your body on vacation and come back”
Kim Hyun Joong: “The typhoon passed on Sunday so”
Kim Hyun Joong: “The weather is going to be okay”
Kim Hyun Joong: “It’s going to be good good”
Miss Choi:“It ended just now..”
Kim Hyun Joong: “Done?”

I’m not sure if she can prove in court that one of his beatings caused her to miscarry or that he “substantially” demanded an abortion, but those texts exchanges sure as fuck weren’t a good look, huh?


In the end, I don’t know how these court cases turn out or anything like that. But I thought this was a good time to remind everybody exactly why the fuck people don’t like Kim Hyun Joong (and why it’s completely justified) regardless of whether justice is served in court or not.


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