LOONA’s Haseul drops “Let Me In”, which has the visuals but not the music

While the efforts of the first two members of LOONA were a success in terms of them proving adequately talented, quite the lookers, and releasing quality musical tracks, you had to know at some point LOONA was gonna go with a ballad/vocal track, because of course. I understand the choice given the market, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy Haseul‘s “Let Me In“.

I guess it could be worse, as the instrumental is more interesting than the typical fare in this genre, but it’s still a meh song. Haseul appears vocally talented in the way Koreans seem to prefer in that she has a clean and predictable style of singing, but to me it comes off as basic in a sense. As far as visuals go, the group has yet to have a hole, and Haseul has a Nana/Kyungri type of look that I like.

Even aside from Haseul’s visual, the video had gorgeous backdrops.

Sometimes I don’t want to be a cynical dick, but man, so far I see the quality of these releases and all I can think about is the amount of debt they must have. God I hope this works out for them.


‘Haseul’ Single Album

“Let Me In” Song


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