Dispatch writes creepy article about the ‘amazing proportions’ of Choo Sarang (6)

Dispatch recently wrote a creepy article about Choo Sarang (who is six), titling the article, “‘Are her legs for real?’ … ‘Choo-vly’ Sarang catches eyes with her amazing proportions.

The article has pictures of the six-year-old in the pool in her swimsuit, and text passages like “Sarang’s unusually long legs drew eyes of many as she played in the pool with her friends. She’s capturing gazes with how much she has grown.” and “Sarang recently went on a trip with family to Hawaii, grabbing attention with her superior proportions of long legs and a small face. Her long legs are memorable for how unusual they are to her age.

Again, she’s six and they’re writing stuff about the attractiveness of her legs and face, talking about her “capturing gazes” and her “superior proportions”. What the fuck.

The amazing part is that this is just another everyday article in the Korean press. It’s not noteworthy and it didn’t cause any stir (and I wouldn’t have seen it if Lizzie Parker didn’t mention it), it’s just the norm to talk about a celeb who is six in this fashion, so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t believe they actually care or understand when they accuse celebs of “lolita” and what not.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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