Dreamcatcher Company issues apology for controversial penalty during V Live broadcast

During Dreamcatcher‘s otherwise glorious Rooftop Live for their recent comeback, there was a bit of controversy involved after Handong donned a wig with dreads as a penalty while playing a game, and some fans pointed out that it was inappropriate.

Dreamcatcher Company pulled the video from V Live and then released an apology in both Korean and English.

Well, at least they know how to do apologies right. An admission of wrongdoing without qualifiers, a direct acknowledgement of the issue at hand, and a promise to do better going forward. Would’ve been better to not do it, but this is solid.

And fortunately, as far as severity of actions go, it’s probably something that can end with this. As they explained, during a game Handong basically just put on a wig with dreads alongside other members putting on other stuff.

Fans handled it well by contacting DCC directly, but are also trying to censor everything in the wake of this, and I honestly feel it’s counterproductive (hence including the picture) as people naturally think something much worse happened than what the company described.


Anyway, I’m already almost cringing at the debate sure to follow in the comments, but I thought it was good for the company to come out with this. Not only to acknowledge the fans who had a problem with it and get ahead of any further controversy, but also to let fans know that they understand and will work to make sure it happens again, which is definitely reassuring.

With this and the Siyeon rumors, Dreamcatcher Company has been very quick and responsive of late. While I understand the fans who feel it’s going overboard and bringing to light stuff most people weren’t even talking about, I think they’re taking the long view where a few negative headlines by association may be uncomfortable in the short-term, but solving/correcting the issues now makes it so stuff doesn’t linger over them as time passes. And honestly, it does make me feel better.


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