Investigation into Yamaguchi Maho assault scandal concludes no NGT48 members involved

After the Yamaguchi Maho assault scandal didn’t see much action being taken aside from rearranging of chairs — also two people were fired not directly due to the scandal but due to being idiots on social media — the apparent last hope was a third-party investigation. However, fans were understandably cynical about that resulting in anything, and their skepticism was proven right after the investigation essentially cleared NGT48 members of wrongdoing and essentially just said AKS should handle things better.

In the report of the third party committee, the facts related to this case were discovered, and it was judged that none of the members of NGT48 were involved in the case itself, plus it was pointed out that there were operational deficiencies. We sincerely accept the results of the survey and would like to do our best to improve the deficiencies pointed out by the third party committee. In addition, in order to make a firm response to the assault suspects, we are examining civil legal measures to prevent such cases from happening again. Also, in the report of the third party committee, although it is not directly related to this case, it is mentioned that some members had a private relationship with the fans. In our company a relationship with fans is considered inappropriate as it is an act of giving preference to specific fans. However, it is necessary (for us) to be held responsible because we have problems with organizational management, and we have not provided appropriate standards and guidance to staff and members in advance. The general disturbance of customary behaviour, including private interactions with fans, is irrelevant at this time. As a policy for the future, we always talk and solve matters with the members through discussions, and as management we will be strict in considering their removal, if we discover relationships with fans or actions that disturb the group’s cohesiveness. Again, considering the safety measures of members as the top priority, strengthening the management system at the time of transfer of members, strengthening the crime prevention system, strengthening the management system of apartments where members live, strengthening the security system at handshake meetings, and specifically we will thoroughly prevent the occurrence of (private) relationships with fans. Based on that, we will strengthen organizational management, thoroughly educate members and staff, and promote awareness. We will work on being a sound management so that you can support NGT48 again.

So basically it is saying that Maho lied when she said other members were involved. Yet before they backtracked, NGT48 management themselves said at least one member was an accomplice to this.

Hard to think this was all anything but a charade to sweep the issue under the rug.


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