CLC’s “No Oh Oh” is a song that exists, and somebody in the group needs to start shit

CLC is a group that exists and “No Oh Oh” is a song that exists.


The problem with “No Oh Oh” is the only part that seems like it gives a shit is the introductory instrumental and sorta the chorus. The track starts off like an old-school hip-hop beat that could potentially transform into something interesting, then immediately segues into an uninteresting, flat bore. The only part that seems to give a shit is the chorus, but the chorus has to build itself up because the verses did so little of anything, so even that doesn’t fit.

Of course, song quality is not why they still can’t enter the top 100. That is a consequence of Cube Entertainment seemingly not giving a shit whether they bomb or succeed. I have absolutely nothing against these girls, but their lack of success is easily explainable when you consider I write a blog about Asian pop as a hobby and still the only member whose name I know is Sorn. She’s the only one that has made any type of news (hate for her looks or whatever) or has a developed personality (like her letter), so of course they’ve capitalized on that by giving her like five seconds of screen time. Yikes.

Given my lack of awareness of their members, imagine what some casual fan must know about them … probably absolutely nothing.

I’m not saying one of them should unlearn their history or start slapping bitches in clubs or something … but maybe?


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