Actor Choi Jin Hyuk keeps it real as hell about BTS, antis, ratings on his V Live

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk is from the hit cable drama ‘Tunnel‘, and most importantly he doesn’t have a manager and thus his V Live broadcasts are an unfiltered mess.


Choi Jin Hyuk’s bravery can be seen by telling BTS stans, who are apparently literally everywhere, to get the fuck out of his channel.

He keeps it real about actors and actresses who say they don’t care about their drama’s ratings.

Replies to criticism about his looks…

…and challenges his fans to a fight.

Choi Jin Hyuk also calls out his fans for lying about stanning him…

…and for not stanning him enough.

He goes on to ask people to stop doing the annoying “say my name” thing and asks how to boot people out.


Like all of us, he wants unemployment next.

Well, the benefits at least.


My new favorite actor.


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